Casus Bella: 29 – All That Being Evil Means


“Wait a second. You’re telling me that when you found out Jamie Rose was sending the Desert Leaders campus center here, you stowed-away on the lot file?” Karli Wheeler asked.

“Right, but whoever installed it set it as a community lot, so that’s when I came to Willow Brook, looking for a place to stay,” Damion Skinner said.


“But you realize that’s not possible, right?” Karli felt obliged to ask.

“Possible or not, that’s my backstory and I’m sticking to it,” Damion said.

“But you had to have help, is what I’m saying,” Karli said. “Somebody in Skinnerville uploaded your character file to the Community Gallery and somebody here downloaded it.”


“Well, that’s not how I remember it,” Damion said. “What’s neat is I went backwards in time, to when Mom was still visiting for Aunt Allison’s wedding. I can’t wait to tell her what I’ve done! She’ll poop!”

“Oh no! You will do no such thing,” Karli said.

“You can’t stop me,” Damion said.


“Maybe not, but I can make you damn sorry if you defy me,” Karli said. “Listen: While she’s still here, you have to stay as far from Thalia as possible, and if you do run into her you must tell her nothing, absolutely nothing, about her future. Is that clear?”

“Why? What will happen?”

“To you, or to her?” Karli said.

“Me first.”


You, I will snatch from whatever household you’re staying in and dump you in the Local Gallery and leave you there to spin,” Karli said.

“Why?” Damion asked, breaking into a nervous grin.

“Because if Thalia goes home with information about her future, it may cause an ontological paradox that could destroy Skinnerville!”


“You mean I have the power to destroy whole Worlds? Cool!” Damion said. “That would certainly help my supervillain credentials.”

“Not ‘Worlds’. World. And it won’t help after I delete you, now will it?” Karli said. “Besides, you’re not thinking this through. You are not Mean; you’re Evil. You derive Happy-buffs not from hurting other Sims, but from seeing them suffer, and they can’t suffer much if they cease to exist, now can they?”


Riiight,” Damion realized. “See? That’s why I came here, Aunt Karli. Mom and Dad don’t know this stuff, and my brothers and sisters? Forget it!”

“And I hope you see that you don’t need someone like Number Two to help you understand what it means to be Evil,” Karli said. “It doesn’t mean you have to become some comic book villain.”


“If you think about it, all that being Evil means, in game terms, is that you get positive moodlets from situations that make other Sims Sad,” Enkeli Starwing, said, entering the room and the Chat interaction. “That can actually be an asset.”

“Yeah,” Damion said. “Just because I react to grief different from most Sims doesn’t make it wrong.


“I dunno, if I was Damion, I would have stayed in Skinnerville,” Enkeli said. “Four older siblings and two sibs-in-law? Think of all the Aspiration Points you’d start racking up in a couple Life Stages, when the Grim Reaper starts coming ‘round two or three times a week!”

“Yeah, but what good are all those Aspiration Points if I’m an NPC?” Damion said. “It’s not like I could spend them.”


“True. I don’t think you even collect them when you’re not being played.” Enkeli said to Damion, before turning her attention to Karli. “So I take it this is Sim 193?”

“Yeah, this is Damion Skinner. He’s going to be staying with us, as long as he doesn’t screw up.”

“Great but, hey: Jamie’s getting kinda antsy downstairs; says there’s some surprises at the Desert Leaders building and she’s eager to give you the nickel tour,” Enkeli said.


“Surprises, huh? I think I just met one of those surprises,” Karli said as Emelia Johnson and Audrey Burnham tumbled into the room.

“We heard there’s a new Sim in town?” Emelia asked.

“Hey! There’s another Teen in this World!” Damion said, lighting up when he saw her.


He stood up and moved closer. “Hey, how are you doing on the local history unit?”

“What? I’m not,” Emelia said. “That’s just extra credit.”

“Well, I’ve got the answers, if you wanna copy me,” Damion said, while Karli made Travel… arrangements.

“Sure,” Emelia said. “I was hoping to get out of this tour of some old office building anyway.”


Karli invited the women of Allison Skinner’s bridal party to the park across the street from the Desert Leaders Building, rounding out the party with Annette Thayer to get her impressions.

A pool had been installed at the Desert Bloom Park way back when pools first downloaded, but it had never been used. Karli spun into her Swimwear 1 and then ran a quick check of the total population to see if their visit to a community lot had caused the game to generate any more Townies.

It hadn’t.


Karli plunged into the water and pushed off from the edge while her companions autonomously followed suit.

“It’s nice to be able to use community lots again,” she thought as her companions plunked in behind her.


“What’s the hold-up, Karli? I thought we were going to tour the Desert Leaders Building?” Jamie Rose said after her head emerged from the water.


Karli dog-paddled around to face her.

“Oh, I don’t know. Maybe I just needed a little break between your surprises.”

“Whatever are you talking about?” Jamie asked in transparently mock innocence.


“You know perfectly well what I’m talking about, and you also know I’ve been busting my plum to reduce the local population, so what do you do? You start dumping misfit Skinners on my doorstep!”


“Misfit! Karli, we didn’t arrange for Damion to get here just for him,” Jamie said.

“Oh, really? Listen: If I ever need your help, I’ll ask for it.”


“But what about when you don’t know you need help?”

Every selection on Karli’s wheel of contextually appropriate interactions was inappropriate, so she clicked on the pavement behind Jamie instead.


“Hmph!” she said as she dog-paddled to the side of the pool.

“Guh!” Jamie said as she pushed off the side of the pool.


Jamie turned to say something else when Debbie Van High caught her eye.

“What are you grinning at?” she asked as Karli hopped out of the pool.

“Nothing!” Debbie chirped. “Just looking forward to the tour!”


“Yeah, well, let’s get that out of the way,” Karli thought, breaking out her smartphone. “Our turn in the rotation is almost over and we have to get the household ready to go inactive.”

She set the group to Travel … across the street.

“Will I be glad when this week’s over.”

8 thoughts on “Casus Bella: 29 – All That Being Evil Means

  1. Hehehehehe!!! I laughed a lot during this one. I’m so glad Damion is over there…he’s going to grow so much. And yay for JRose and Karli. They’ll work out their differences.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. It cracked me up that every contextually appropriate option in her wheel was inappropriate. It’s nice to see Enkeli, and I’m also very happy to hear going to a community lot didn’t generate townies, although I am merciless with the delete button in Manage Households.


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