Casus Bella: 36 – A Subplot Most Plum


Tired and hungry after her four-hour Practice Programming binge, Enkeli Starwing was nonetheless pleased with the day. Though she did not expect a promotion on her first day on the Astronaut Career Track, she did like knowing she was qualified for one.


She found a relatively fresh BLT in the kitchen to top off her Hunger meter and, thanks to her Always Welcome Perk, she could sleep here if she wanted.


She brought her plate out to the living room and joined Thalia Osborne.

“Did you make these?”

“No. Debbie did. Yesterday,” Thalia said, “but I like ‘em all room-temperaturey. Really brings out the tomato, y’know?”


“I can’t believe you two are eating those,” Jamie Rose said when she joined them. “They’ve been out on the counter all day.”

“Exactly,” Enkeli said. “So what’s been going on while I was busy?”


“Well,” Thalia started to say, “Like I was just telling Jessica, lately I’ve had the strangest feeling –“

“Like?” Enkeli asked.

“Like an impulse to Start Preposterous Rumor,” Jamie said.


“I’m sorry?” Enkeli said, glancing between them.

“No, I’m sorry,” Thalia said sarcastically. “See, Jamie’s special SimSelf powers tell her I’m just making things up to worry about.”

“That’s not what I said,” Jamie said. “All I said was that I am sure you have nothing to worry about.”


“And all I said was I didn’t need the fairygodmotherly platitudes.”

“Whoa! And all I said was ‘What’s been going on while I was busy?’” Enkeli said. “But obviously you’re still sorting that out, so …”


She stood up hastily and wobbled in her weariness.

“Y’know what? I’m just gonna take a Nap, and then get in a couple hours of chess before I go home. That way I can achieve a low-level Lifetime … Aspiration … *yawn!* … Thingy …”


“Honey, go get your Nap before you fall over,” Jamie said.

“Thank you, fairy godmother,” Enkeli said. “I love you.”

“I love you too, Enkeli,” Jamie said.


“I love you, Jessica,” Enkeli called from the hallway.

“I love you too, John-boy,” Jessica Brown said.

“Oh! So you are awake!” Jamie said.


“What? No! Zzzz,” Jessica said.

“Dang it!” Jamie said. “I think I almost had her talked into moving the wedding to the Desert Leaders campus center.”

Debbie Van High rushed into the room.


“I love you, Mary Ellen!” she started to say. “Oh, poop! I missed it!”

“You guys are plums! You are all plums,” Jamie said. “I hope you all play the Skinner Sage Drinking Game to this chapter and get potion poisoning. I’m going upstairs!”

“Goodnight, Ja –“

“Don’t even start!”


“Is she gone?” Jessica asked as the shish of Jamie’s slippers receded down the hall.

“You’re safe,” Debbie said.

“What’s wrong?” Thalia asked


“Oh, nothing. She just wants me to move the entire wedding and reception at the last minute,” Jessica said. “I swear, you just can’t help some Sims!”

“Heh, that was kind of my fault,” Allison Skinner said from the back of the room. “I brought up the idea.”

“Oh! Allison!” Jessica said. “I didn’t see you over there, hiding behind the hurricane lamp.”


“I’m not hiding,” Allison protested.

“You know what?” Debbie interjected. “I am really starting to appreciate coffee. It’s a lot like chocolate. Where it’s from, how it’s processed, even the flavour. I wonder if there’s a career track where I can just drink coffee and eat pastries all day?”

“Maybe you should join the police department!” Jessica joked.


“Hey! I like that idea!” Debbie said.

“I’m sure she was joking, Debbie,” Thalia said.

“Think about it!” Debbie said. “I’m a Family Sim, so I’m not going to want an active career when I go home. This may be my only chance to play detective – Detective Van High!”


“Yeah, but what do you know about law enforcement?” Thalia asked, looking for a place to set her empty plate.

“You have to be Very Focused if you want to be a successful detective, Debbie,” Jessica said. “When was the last time you sat still for five minutes?”


“I just played BlicBloc for two hours,” Debbie said. “Besides, I can always hang Mathematical Diagrams around the station for the Focus buff, right?”

“And I believe you do have experience in the mystery genre,” Thalia said.


“Yes. Yes, I do. Maybe more than you realize,” Debbie said, nodding slowly. “And the police procedural is just a mystery subgenre, after all. And it will be good to test my theories on community-based policing when I’m walking the beat. If anything, I’m probably overqualified.”


“You have theories on community-based policing?” Jessica asked.

“I have theories about everything,” Debbie said, “but theories won’t win a conviction! I won’t rest until I have gathered all the clues, interrogated all the witnesses and analyzed all the evidence. Then, I’ll blow this case wide open.”


“What case?” Thalia asked.

“I mean … you know … when I have a case.”

3 thoughts on “Casus Bella: 36 – A Subplot Most Plum

  1. LOL!!! I’ll reread this chapter with my bottle of rum when it’s not 11:38 in the morning.

    Then I’ll write you a comment and it will be funny. Or full of typos. Whatever. That’s funny, too.

    Liked by 1 person

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