Casus Bella: 38 –Even That Small Moment



The ladies of Allison Smith’s bridal party were up and gathering for breakfast when Yuma Heights resumed its turn in the rotation as Active Household.

“So, are we going to get to play today, or does someone else need to play through?” Thalia Osborne asked.


“Nope, we’re good to go,” Allison said. “I thought we could go look at wedding dresses as soon as we clean up from breakfast.”

“Can’t we wait until Mom gets back from work?” Thalia asked. “I’m sure she’d like to come.”

“She is your only relative here,” Jessica Brown nodded. “If you want, we can work on picking a caterer for the reception today and wait to go shopping until tonight.”


“Oh, she’ll understand,” Allison said, “and we really can’t wait. We have to throw a birthday party for Rose tonight.”

“Well, it’s about time,” Jessica said. “That poor thing has been trapped in the Child Life Stage for years while we had aging turned off.”

“It didn’t help that our de facto mayor hates children,” Allison said. “I thought it would be cute if she could be flower girl at my wedding, but I’m looking forward to seeing her age up.”


“Well, it will be nice for her, but it’s sad in a way,” Debbie Van High said. “There are so few children in this World, and she was the only one who’s ever been played.”

“Well, I imagine Allison and Bryon will be changing that pretty soon, won’t you?” Thalia asked Allison.


“I assumed so as well,” Allison said, “but I’ve been told I should probably ask Bryon what he thinks.”

“Oh, nonsense,” Debbie said. “Why ask him what he thinks when you can just tell him what he thinks.”


“Now, Debbie; you’re going to get my fairy goddaughter in trouble,” Jamie Rose said as she entered the dining room.

“But she has a point,” Thalia said. “Maybe you don’t come right and tell him what to think, but if you play your cards right, he’ll have the Whim to Try for Baby whether he thinks it’s a good idea or not.”


“Oh, I don’t want to trick him,” Allison said. “We’ll talk, but I don’t think it will be an issue. I mean, what’s the point of playing Sims if you don’t play with the genetics, right?”

“Well, you’d better talk soon; the wedding is this Saturday, right?” Jamie asked.


“Maybe sooner,” Allison said. “I thought it might be nice for Bryon and I to slip away to Granite Falls for a couple days before our turn in the rotation is over. You guys wouldn’t mind?”

“Not at all,” Thalia said. “We’d all love to go to Granite Falls!”

“I kinda meant … uh … just Bryon and – ”

“I’m just plummin’ with ya, Allison,” Thalia said. “I assumed me and Mom would be headed back to Skinnerville right after the reception, give you a chance to squeeze in a couple more babies under the population cap.”


“But first, it will be my turn to play, right?” Debbie asked when she rejoined the group.

“Oh! Debbie! We kinda skipped your turn in the rotation, didn’t we?” Allison asked.

“A couple times,” Debbie said, “but it’s alright. It gave me time to decide what I want to do while I’m here.”


“Speaking of time, we better get moving,” Jessica said. “If we throw Rose a birthday party tonight, we could have the wedding as early as tomorrow evening.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Allison said. “Just let me clean up after breakfast and we can be on our way.”


With the dishes all scraped off and stacked in the dishwasher, Allison traveled to Magnolia Promenade with most of her housemates and one of the local Cassandra Goths.

“Ooh, it’s nice here!” Debbie said. “I wonder if this can be my beat when I join the police department.”

“It is nice here,” Allison said, “too nice to waste time inside a clothing store with no wedding dresses. Let’s go out on the boardwalk. I can spin into dresses there just as easily, and the view will be better.”


Jamie held back as Allison led the group out to the boardwalk and turned to Thalia.

“Thalia, could I have a quick word with you?”


“What is it, Miss Rose?” Thalia asked.

“You don’t have to call me Miss Rose; you may call me Jamie.”

“Oh, may I?” Thalia said.


Jamie half-turned away and chuckled wryly.

“See? That … Guh! Thalia, somehow you and I have gotten off on the wrong foot,” Jamie said. “Our housemates have started to notice. They think just because I’m playing Sims upstairs that I can’t hear their Deep Conversations, but they’re starting to worry about us.”

“Is there something you should tell them?” Thalia asked. “Is there something you should tell me?”


“What do you mean?” Jamie asked.

“Well, Mom tells me you’ve already been playing my future life back home in Skinnerville, but I haven’t lived it yet,” Thalia said. “I figure I must have screwed something up in the future and that’s why you’re mad at me now.”


Jamie looked fondly on her seventh generation Legacy Spouse.

“Well, I probably would be finished with my Legacy Challenge by now if you hadn’t come along,” she said. “It took me 83 chapters to play through your generation.”

“For Wright’s sake! That’s almost as bad as it is in this Saved Game,” Thalia said.


“I know! Heck, it’s taking Monaghan four chapters just to look at some wedding dresses,” Jamie said.

“But how is that my fault?”

“Oh, I’m just teasing you, honey,” Jamie said. “I actually started slowing down during Generation Six.


“Slowing down? How do you mean?”

“Savoring more, maybe?” Jamie said. “At first, you’re focused on guiding a family through ten generations, and then you really want to build up their estate, making a beautiful, comfortable homestead where your Sims can be happy and comfortable and fulfill their personal Aspirations.


“Once I hit Generation Six, I realized I’d achieved that. I felt less driven by the legacy challenge and wanted to spend more time appreciating the little moments that make up their lives.”

“Sounds like you were taking to heart the lessons of your Desert Leaders project,” Thalia said.

“How do you mean?”

“You know, stopping ‘to experience something as basic as smelling a flower, then noticing that your view on the world – even that small moment of the world – has changed slightly?’” Thalia said. “You know, being more present and … stuff.”


Jamie laughed. “You might be right about that, Thalia.”

“So, I guess it’s not just empty platitudes when you tell me I have nothing to worry about,” Thalia said. “I didn’t screw up your Legacy Challenge?”

“That’s right,” Jamie said. “Now that we understand each other better, I just hope we can learn to get along while we’re still here.”


“Well, I’m learning to get along with Allison, and that hasn’t been easy.”

“How do you mean?”

“Well, she fights kinda dirty. Goes straight to the Mean… submenu when she realizes I’m getting the best of her in an argument.”


“I’m sorry, Thalia; I’m sure a lot of that comes from the local Player,” Jamie said. “I can talk to him, or Allison, if you want.”

“That’s OK, Jamie; I got this,” Thalia said, “but we should get moving. The sooner the wedding takes place, the sooner we can get home.”

5 thoughts on “Casus Bella: 38 –Even That Small Moment

  1. First–you wrote exactly what I would say to Thalia IRL, so thank you. And second, 83 chapters is that long. OR maybe it is. I’ll make up for it by making generation 8 shorter!
    Yay for weddings 🙂

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