Casus Bella: 40 – Careful What You Wish


Rose Fletcher was waiting for the bridal party on the sidewalk when they returned from Windenburg, and she was most unhappy.

Annette Thayer had the misfortune of being closest to Rose on the sidewalk, and caught Rose’s wrath.


“Where has everyone been!” she wanted to know. “I was promised an early Birthday Party! If you wait any longer, it will be a late Birthday Party.”

“We’ll be fine,” Annette said. “We came straight home when we were done looking at dresses. Now we just have to wait until Peyton gets back from work to bake the cake, and we will be all set.”


Wait!?! Peyton doesn’t get home until six!” Rose said. “It will be too late to have a party. Why don’t you bake the cake?”

“Because I don’t live here; I’m just an NPC for the time being,” Annette said apologetically.


“Well, what good…” Rose muttered, with a dismissive glance over her shoulder as she walked off to find someone who could help.


She saw her favorite local Sim standing with her least favorite local Sim. She tried to ignore Karli Wheeler.

“She can’t really hurt me. She can’t really hurt me,” Rose repeated as she walked up to Allison Skinner.


“Allison!” Rose said. “You are still giving me a Birthday Party?”

“We sure are, Rosarooney,” Allison said. “We’re just waiting for my cousin to get home to bake the cake.”

“Why wait?”

“Well, Peyton’s the best cook in the household,” Allison said.


“How hard can it be to bake a cake?” Rose said. “I do not want to wait any longer.”

“Yeah, but the rest of us are low-skilled SimSelves or slackers,” Allison said. “I mean, I’m the best Cook here after Peyton, and I only have a Four.”

“How will you get better if you have someone else do all the cooking?” Rose asked.


“Well, you make a good point,” Allison conceded.

“Oh please-please-please-please-please,” Rose pleaded. “I know you can do it!”


Rose leaned in and whispered, “and the sooner I stop being a Child, the sooner Miss Wheeler will stop being Mean at me.”

“Of course, Rose,” Allison said. “I’ll do it right now.”


“Thank you, Allison! You’re my best friend!”

“Ah, I love you too, Rosarooney!”


Allison went inside, opened the fridge and found that someone had already arranged all the ingredients for chocolate cake on a cutting board on the middle shelf.

“I wonder if that was Rose or Debbie?” Allison thought.


“Well, this will be good practice,” Allison said. “I’ll be baking lots of birthday cakes over the next couple of Life Stages.


“As long as Bryon agrees, of course,” the invisible floating camera heard Allison say as she closed the refrigerator door.

“Trapped,” it thought, fruitlessly pushing against the door. “I’m not going to get any screenshots of the Birthday Party. I’ll probably get fired for this. I should probably update my resume.”

Its mind wandered.

“Huh. The light stays on after you close the door!”


Luckily, the invisible floating camera at Yuma Heights was done for the day. A few minutes later, the monitor switched to the invisible floating camera at Verity Victorian, where Allison’s fiancé was leading his young guests to the dinner table.

“This house was built and furnished by RachelRosebud and we’ve largely left it untouched,” Bryon Heck said as they entered the dining room. “We’ve swapped out a few of the paintings and moved that mirror to make room for the punch bowl, but otherwise …”

“I don’t blame you!” the girl child said. “We have a bakery RachelRosebud designed in our World. Me and Mom love her lots, and Scarlet Firecracker is, like, the coolest Romance Sim ever!”


“You and your mother have good taste, young lady,” Bryon said. “Maybe you’ll grow up to design residential lots someday.”

“Yeah,” she mused. “Or maybe write reviews, or walkthroughs, or … I dunno. “

“Don’t get me wrong. It is a well-built house with a high foundation and good, overlapping fields of fire on all approaches,” the boy child said, “but there are some trees a little too close to the house, and that hedge around the wedding chapel really worries me.”


“Why?” Bryon asked.

“It offers excellent cover for attackers,” Boychild said. “Like, if a sniper sets up behind the hedge behind the wedding arch, anyone who steps out on the veranda is as good as toast!”

“That’s highly unlikely, Hal. There aren’t even guns in The Sims, or did you forget what game we’re playing?” Girlchild said.

“There could be a third-party mod with guns and stuff; you don’t know,” Hal said defensively.


“There could be, but there isn’t; not here,” Bryon reassured them both.

“Hey!” Girlchild said. “This cake wasn’t here a second ago!”

“That’s strange,” Bryon said. “I didn’t make cake.”


“Careful! It’s probably poisoned!” Hal warned.

“It probably just belongs to someone else,” his sister said.

“Yeah! A poisoner!” Hal said.

“I suppose it could be a bomb,” Bryon said. “Maybe we should build walls around it, just in case.”


“You’re not helping, Uncle Bry … oh,” Girlchild said, giving in to the fantasy. “Maybe, but maybe it’s set to detonate when you enter Build Mode.”

“Good thinking, Marion. It’s not ticking, so I don’t think it’s a time bomb cake,Bryon said. “You two better go watch TV while I peel back the icing and see if I can defuse it. I’d hate for either of you to be in the blast radius if this thing goes off.”


Hal and Marion were safely off dancing in the TV room when the owner of the cake showed up.

“Hey, honey. Sorry to break into the middle of dinner, but it’s time for Rose’s birthday party,” Allison said.

“This looks great, Allison,” Debbie Van High said. “I haven’t had chocolate cake since yesterday morning.”


“That’s not too long,” Allison said, waving candles onto the cake.

“What do you mean?” Debbie asked “With aging on, normal life span, that’s like 18 months.”

“Huh. I never thought of it that way,” Allison said.


“Ooh! Whose birthday is it!” Marion asked when she came back to the dining room.

“Well, if it isn’t my fairy goddaughter!” Allison said. “What are you doing here?”

“Oh, Mom and Monaghan wanted to come to some dumb wedding,” Marion said. “I didn’t know there was going to be a birthday party too!”


“Your mom and dad are here?” Allison said. “Where the heck are they?”

“Well, Mom’s upstairs trying to fix the dollhouse and Dad’s, um … he’s, um… it may help to understand that he, um …”


“It’s easiest if you just come right out with it,” Debbie suggested.

“He’s checking all the lampshades for hidden microphones,” Marion said.

“Oh!” Debbie said, shrugging. “It could be a lot worse.”

“Well, I’d better go hold the ladder while he checks the ceiling fixtures,” Allison said. “Come on.”


“Hey! Where’s Allison going?” Rose asked when she came in to blow out the candles.

“Um, crowd control,” Debbie said.

“But I wanted her to be here when I Age Up,” Rose said.


“Oh, just relight the candles and everyone will come running back,” Debbie suggested.

“That’s right,” Jessica Brown said.


“But you’d better hurry up,” Jessica added. “You don’t want to be a Child still when Karli realized we ditched her at Yuma Heights and comes home.”

“Yeah, and I want to be sure we eat it all gone before she gets here,” Rose said.


“Well, then, let’s do this!” Debbie said, making room at the table.

“OK! Here we go!” Rose announced.


She blew out the candles and …


… they relighted themselves, and …


… she didn’t Age Up.

“Am I glitched?” Rose wondered. “Will I be trapped as a Child forever?”

“Did you make a wish?” Jessica asked.


“I get to make a wish?”

“It doesn’t count if you don’t make a wish,” Jessica said.

“But I have no need to wish for anything,” Rose said.


“You can’t think of anything you’d like to change?” Jessica asked.

“Well, I guess I wish Miss Wheeler liked me.”

“Well, wish for that,” Jessica said, immediately regretting it. “Nol! Wait!”


But it was too late. Rose wished Karli would like her, blew out the candles …


.. spun once and grew into a Teen.

“YAY!” Hall screamed, tossing confetti. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WHAT’S-YOUR-NAME!”

“How do you feel?” Jessica asked.

“I feel wonderful” Rose said, “but …


“But who do these noisy Children belong to?” Rose asked. “I know I didn’t invite any children to my party.”

“They’re guests of the household,” Debbie said.

“Can’t they wait outside?” Rose asked.


“Oh. My. Goodness.” Jessica said.

“Well, Rose. You got your wish,” Debbie said. “I think you and Miss Wheeler are going to get along just fine.”

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