Casus Bella: 44 – Allison’s Illustrated Honeymoon Diary: Day One


Our married life started out like our courtship. Busy.

Before leaving for our honeymoon, we merged my cousin into the Yuma Heights household so she could head home with the rest of the off-World wedding guests.

Bryon turned aside and chuckled when he saw the stacks of crates and baskets and bug-out bags stacked in the front yard.

“Looks like our guests are eager to get out of here,” Bryon said.


Yeah, well, they came here planning to stay a month, and got stuck here for almost a year. Of course they were eager to get moving.

First, I thanked my fairy godmother, Jamie Rose, for … well, for everything. I was borne into her Legacy Challenge game, but as a cousin to the legacy household with no hope of making it to center stage.


Back home, I would have been long-dead by now, without even an urn or tombstone to mark my passing. Jamie gave me a chance to have a life here and now, after spending the past year working for Eric Lewis, I finally have a chance to start that life.

I turned next to Jamie’s friend and Simming colleague, Jessica Brown. She stayed here to help plan my wedding even as they were celebrating the completion of her Legacy Challenge back home.


I gave her one of my space/time thingies, in case she ever wanted to come back.

I got the feeling that wouldn’t happen.

“Well, I’ll certainly think of you every time I Share Brilliant Invention,” she said.


I bid farewell to my future cousin-in-law, Thalia Osborne, next, knowing that she would, in fact, fare very well as the 7th Generation Legacy Spouse of Brandon Skinner.


We got off to a rough start when she first got here, but we worked through our misunderstandings and were best friends by now.

Karli Wheeler, our de factor mayor, hovered in the background as we said our goodbyes. She’d grown to be friends with our guests too, but I think much of her interest was professional. As director of the Disappearing Townie Syndrome Foundation, she was in charge of trying to avoid an outbreak of Townie-culling on our hard drive.


She joked idly with Thalia while I dialed up the Household Management screen …


… and breathed  a sigh of relief when Jamie, Jessica, Peyton and Thalia were safely uploaded to the Local Gallery.

“Whew! Well, we’ve got the population down to 194,” she said, “and it will be an even 190 when Monaghan and his brood head home.”

“Oh, sorry Karli,” I said. “That might not be any time soon. It sounds like they might stick around for a while.”


“Great,” Karli said. “Just great. Maybe if Monaghan’s sticking around, I can quit my ‘job’ and let him take over the DTS Foundation. I can’t keep the population down if he keeps adding households.”

“Is there a problem?” Debbie Van High asked. “I don’t have to stay.”

Debbie was here on sabbatical from her own blog, and was planning to join the police department when here turn in the rotation rolled around.


“Don’t worry about it, Debbie; you’re fine, and it will be nice to have someone I trust in the police department,” Karli said. “I just get a little fed up fouling off curve-balls all the time, is all.”

“Gee, Karli, I hope you don’t get mad at me if we Try For Baby right away,” Allison said.

“Oh, go for it,” Karli said. “I know how you Legacy Sims are.”


Bryon and I merged back into our home before leaving for Granite Falls, and found that one of our young house guests had skipped school.

“I thought you said you could get to school on your own,” Sarafina Plumsin said to her son.

“I said I could, I didn’t say I was gonna,” Hal Plumaghan said. “Bethesda released DLC for Fallout 4 today; I’m not going to have time for school.”


Sarafina turned off the television.

“Well, can we at least do your homework while it downloads?” she asked. “Your dad is kinda a newbie at raising Sims; he still thinks grades are important.”


“If he thinks grades are so important, why doesn’t he do my homework?” Hal asked.

“Nothing doing,” Sarafina said. “We still have an eff bee eye surveillance van parked out front because of the essay he wrote for Marion on ‘The Evils of the Federal Reserve Act’.”

After topping off his Hunger Meter, Bryon tracked me down upstairs …


… and a load screen later, we were standing outside our honeymoon suite.

I’d rented the camp site insteady of a cabin, hoping to save money, but found it lacked many of the basics necessities for camping.


After picking up some basic supplies at the campground kiosk, we went to the woods to hunt bugs during the afternoon …


… then fishing in the evening.

The only fish I caught were of invisible, weightless varieties, but Bryon pulled in a couple nice big ones we thought would feed us through the weekend.


Perhaps in retaliation for my assault on their lightning bug brethren, I was attacked by some stinging insects.

Last time we were here, Vivek Wilkes gave out insect repellent to everyone.


I hadn’t noticed any for sale at the kiosk, and I couldn’t get into Buy Mode. I asked the park ranger where I could find some.

“You can’t,” she said, “but you can make it. All you need is some noxious elderberry and some parsley.”

“That’s great, but I can’t get into Buy Mode,” I said.


“You don’t buy them, honey, you pick them,” the ranger said. “Just Harvest any herbs and berries you can find. If you don’t recognize any of them, just taste them. When you have enough, you can brew up lotions and potions on the grill.”

“Well that’s real handy,” I said insincerely.

“I’m sorry?” the ranger asked.

“No, I mean, the information is helpful – thank you – you’d just think …”


And then it hit me.

“You’d just think it would be a good retail opportunity.”


We soon learned that two fish would not get us through the weekend. Bryon cooked one of the fish he’d caught over the campfire while I practiced guitar, thinking we’d get at least a couple of meals out of a 22-kilogram fish …


… but it only produced one serving.

“Yeah, well, it was 22 kilograms, but about 17 kilograms was head, fins and guts,” Bryon said apologetically “Why don’t you just eat this one and I’ll grill up the trout I was saving.”


I let my fish cool while Bryon roasted our back-up fish, then joined him at the picnic table to Share Brilliant Idea.

“I think someone here should open a camping supply store.”

“Uh, there’s the kiosk,” Bryon said.


“I mean a complete camping supply store,” I said. “The owner can spend part of their week harvesting parsnips and obnoxious elvisberries and what-not, part of their week brewing potions and the rest of the week tending the shop!”

“You’re thinking that someone could be us?”


“Maybe not us, but one of us could busk in front of the store while the other runs the cash register if we wanted to supplement our music careers.”

“Or maybe Monaghan and Sarafina will want to set up the shop,” Bryon said. “He’s some kind of survivalist nut, it should be right up his alley. And Sarafina was thinking about maybe opening a shop when she first came here.”



“Yeah,” Bryon said as the cloud of stinging insects descended on him. “I just wish whoever it is would hurry up.”

4 thoughts on “Casus Bella: 44 – Allison’s Illustrated Honeymoon Diary: Day One

    1. It’d be nice if there were other vacation destinations. besides the state park. Luckily Allison has the Loves Outdoors Trait, otherwise I doubt she’d be very tickled to find out she was going to go fishing for her honeymoon.

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