Casus Bella: 56 – Plans of Your Own


Rick and Cassandra (Goth) Bernal got married at Verity Victorian in Willow Brook at the end of their week at the top of the rotation.


A lot happened during their week in play, but little was accomplished. After they set up the Yuma Heights Sim Life Advancement Center, they found there were only two Elder Townies in the World to move in.

With renewed threat of culling, they filled out the household with four Townie Adults, three of whom had amassed small fortunes over the past year with aging off for unplayed households.


Juggling eight Sims left little time to think of anything but making sure the residents’ Needs were met, their Whims fulfilled and that they got to work on time.


The renewed threat of culling also led the Goths to invite Eric Lewis’ ex-wife Alice Spence-Kim to move from the Not-In-World directory to live with them and Josie Tyler in Cypress Terrace.

Her ex-husband had grown old in Cypress Terrace, squandering her family’s fortune and selling off chunks of the house to pay bills while he stayed locked in the conservatory, playing The Sims 4 and writing Le Dynastie d’Angers.

But Alice hadn’t aged a day while she was a Townie.


That was no small consolation to her as Mortimer and Bella got home from their daughter’s wedding reception on their first day at the top of the rotation.

“It’s almost like getting to start over where I left off,” she said to Josie Tyler, caretaker of Cypress Terrace. “I was planning to resume my Painter career right away, but there’s a lot to do here to make it livable.”


A Slob herself, Josie had to ask what was wrong with Cypress Terrace.

“Where do I start?” Alice asked. “The yard is overgrown, there’s camping equipment scattered all over the grounds, and the house itself looks like a late-round game of Don’t Wake the Llama.”


“Well, I can work on that stuff while you’re at work; I love helping out,” Josie said. “Just tell me what needs to change and I’ll change it.”


“Don’t you have plans of your own?”

“Not really,” Josie shrugged. “I can’t go back to being a park ranger. Before we turned relationship culling off, the game gave me a crush on Geoffrey Landgraab, so I can’t go back to work for EA/Mobile Customer Secret Service. I’m real good at fishing; I guess I  … maybe … “


“Well, I really would appreciate your help,” Alice said when it became clear Josie would not be finishing that sentence. “I guess you could start by mowing the lawn and getting rid of all this camping equipment. Rendering all these clumps of tall grass has to be killing our load-time.”


“That will be fun,” Josie said. “I love being outdoors, and the camping equipment will come in handy when I have to move out on my own.”


“There’s no hurry there. The Goths are leaving today and it’s a big lot; I doubt will be in each other’s way, and I could probably use help with the bills,” Alice said.


The mission that brought Bella Goth to this Saved Game was long over, but she and Mortimer had stuck around after their daughter was downloaded with Rick Bernal to run the Sim Life Advancement Center.

That household was set up under the auspices of The Disappearing Townie Syndrome Foundation, designed as a place to give Elder Townies a place to live out their final Life Stage without clotting the character file directory with uncullable ghosts.


“So where to now?” Mortimer asked as he and Bella rehydrated after a vigorous round of WooHoo in Tent.

“Well, now that our little girl is all settled in, I think it’s time we go home and check on Alexander,” Bella said. “If we play our cards right, and stay friends with le d’Angers, he might become Legacy Spouse someday.”


They invited Rick and Cassandra over and they gathered on the desolate second-story of Cypress Terrace to say their goodbyes.

“I’m not sure I like you running this retirement home,” Mortimer said. “It seems like your turn flashed by with very little time to spend on your Whims and Aspirations.”


“Not to mention the fact that there won’t be any grandchildren if you-re living in an eight-Sim household,” Bella said as she joined the conversation.

“I wasn’t going to mention that,” Mortimer said.

“We know,” Cassandra said, “and it’s not fair to the ex-Townies either. We’re so busy, no one’s had a chance to develop a backstory, much less make plans for the future.”


“But don’t worry,” Rick said. “We have plenty of time to figure it out. Next time you visit; it will be to meet your grandchild.”


“Well, I guess we shouldn’t put this off any longer,” Bella said as Mortimer gave their daughter a last Hug interaction …


… and then they were gone.


Josie and Alice whiled away the rest of Sunday afternoon. Alice turned on the Inspired-moodlet buffing lamp and set to work at her easel for the first time in years.

Similarly Inspired, Josie tried her hand at writing and knocked out a children’s book by nightfall.


Working in the yard the next day gave Josie a chance to work on a personal goal. By the end of the day, she had racked up five of the 10 Introduce Self interactions needed to advance her Popularity Aspiration.


Josie rather liked the wildwood quality of the overgrown lot, but it wasn’t her lot …


… and she also came to appreciate the more manicured look that emerged as she pulled the weeds along the side yard.


By Wednesday afternoon, Josie had the yard cleaned up and began some plantings in Alice’s late father’s garden. She found she had been spawned with an aptitude for gardening as well as fishing. Those skills, she realized, paired well with her Glutton and Loves the Outdoors traits.


She stood and addressed the apple seed she’d just planted.

“After months of taking care of other Sims, It’s kinda neat to think about what I want,” she said. “I wonder what I’ll want to do next …


“… and how I’ll talk Alice into it.”

3 thoughts on “Casus Bella: 56 – Plans of Your Own

  1. Congrats to the happy couple; maybe the Sim Life Advancement Center could be run by the elders themselves…so Rick and Cassandra can still pursue their own aspiration, whims, and storyline. In my game, Alexander (who did play his cards and become a legacy spouse) brought back the culled ancestors and put them in a lot like that, and then I unfortunately let them be culled AGAIN since there was no younger person there. Live and Learn.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I like that idea, but I kinda liked the idea of Cassandra relishing the Gloomy atmosphere as the Grim Reaper starts coming around. I have a while to figure it out. Meanwhile, I found more Elders that could move in.

      Liked by 1 person

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