Casus Bella: 57 – While Mars Is Retrograde


“You’re certain you want to do this?” Karli Wheeler asked as Annette Thayer came into the kitchen.

“Absolutely,” Annette said. “You have your life here now, but Dimenche and Katelynn need me back home and, now that Eric is there, I think I’m needed back there even more.”

“But why do you want to take all the local Insane Townies with you?”


“Well, it will help reduce the population here,” Annette said.

“Taking any random group of Sims with you would do that,” Karli said. “Why the Insane ones?”

“It will provide a larger pool of potential Legacy Spouses with le d’Angers’ Exemplary Trait for future Legacy heirs to pick from,” Annette said, “and I need their help for a personal project.”

“Which is?”


“As you know, I’ve lost my ability to travel freely along the time-space continuum since our collaboration with Cathy Tea ended acrimoniously.”

“And you think surrounding yourself with Insane Sims will help you restore your powers,” Karli said skeptically.


“They’re not my powers, Karli,” Annette said, “but I don’t expect you to understand what I mean. Insane Sims, though, see the World from a different perspective.”

“Different perspectives,” Karli corrected. “There’s Dimenche and his delusions, Katelynn and her dissociative identity, Aubrey Farrara’s paranoia. I mean, not all Insane Sims share your, um, respect for pre-scientific insights into the nature of reality.”


“True, but Dimenche and Katelynn do, and I need to do something,” Annette said. “A lot of the problems we’re experiencing now with third-party mods breaking and the population spiraling out of control are because Mars and Pluto have gone retrograde, but nothing is being done to adapt to this powerful planetary influence.”

“What do you expect me to do?” asked Karli. “I don’t even understand what you’re talking about.”


“I don’t expect you to do anything,” Annette said. “Just let me go back home and let le d’Angers take their turn in the rotation until Mars changes direction.

“When will that be?” Karli asked.

“June 29th,” Annette said.


“Two months from now?” Karli said. “I already have Number Two and Fey Johnson spitting fire because their turns in the rotation have been delayed.”

“That’s the influence of Mars retrograde at work,” Annette said. “You must not let them play while Mars is retrograde, Karli.”


“OK, Annette; I’ll see what I can do,” Karli said. “So who’s going with you besides Aubrey and Audrey?”

“Oh, they’re not going,” Annette said. “Aubrey is afraid EA/Mobile can alter her while she’s in the Local Gallery, and Audrey wants to stay here to try to bring some of the other #dtsrefugee-tagged Sims back from the Community Gallery.”


Karli laughed at the suggestion.

That is going to be a tough sell; we’re eight Sims over the population limit as it is,” she said. “So who do you want to take?”

“There are six Insane Sims in single-Sim households in the Not In World directory,” Annette said. “I can take all of them.”


“Well, I can’t let you take Blair Hudson,” Karli said. “She’s the Sim living in the cabin in the deep woods of Granite Falls; we don’t need a replacement spawning. And we need to keep Sophie Flynn on the Detective Career Track. And I don’t think you really want Lyle Joy; he’s Mean and Aubrey is convinced he’s a mole for EA/Sports Customer Secret Service; I’d rather keep an eye on him here.”

“OK, but the others?”


“The others will be fine, Annette, if this is what you really want to do,” Karli said.

“I’m sure of it.”

“Then do what you need to do, Annette,” Karli said. “I’ll miss having you around, and you’re always welcome back if you change your mind.”


“I don’t foresee that happening, Karli,” Annette said as she rose from the counter, “but I will stay in touch.”


Annette joined Audrey Burnham and Aubrey Farrara in the living room.

“So it’s settled?” Audrey asked when she sensed the change in Annette’s aura.

“Yes,” Annette said.


“While we were searching for other Insane Townies, we noticed three Elders that Cassandra and Rick missed last week,” Aubrey said. “We think you should tell Karli. If it helps, she could move three of the Adult residents here to make room for more Elders at The Yuma Heights Sim Life Advancement Center.”

“The two of you should speak to her then,” Annette said. “I’ll be leaving today, just as –”

“Today?” Audrey interjected.


“Yes,” Annette said. Le d’Angers have not been played in over a year; I think it’s past time they get –“

“But if you go now, Mars will be in Scorpio when play resumes in this World,” Aubrey said ominously. “It would be perilous to let Number Two or Fey, or even Edith Burnham, take their turn in the rotation as Mars retrograde accumulates even more aggressive power under that dark and brooding sign!”

“Listen to you two,” Aubrey chuckled.


Annette ignored her.

“I know, Audrey; Karli has agreed to keep this World out of play until after Mars leaves retrograde,” she said.

Aubrey laughed.

“But doesn’t that mean you just expose our Legacy Saved Game to Retro-Martian aggression?” she joked.


Annette didn’t get the joke.

“I admit that does concern me,” she said. “But it’s a Legacy Saved Game, so only one household is in play. And no one there is Evil or Mean; it should be easier to contain the influence of Mars retrograde.”


“I agree, then,” Audrey said, rising from the sofa. “I would only ask that Aubrey and I be allowed to finish our turn when play resumes here.”

“That’s a good idea.” Annette said, nodding. “We just need to keep the Evil Sims from playing until Mars is safely back in Sagittarius.”


“And in the meantime, I sure could use Scorpio’s help being manipulative and passive-aggressive,” Audrey said.

“Oh, really?” Aubrey asked, looking for a place to set her empty plate. “So, you’ve been in play sixteen hours and you already have a Crazy Scheme in mind?”

“Not just sixteen hours, Aubrey,” Audrey exclaimed. “This is what I came back for.”

4 thoughts on “Casus Bella: 57 – While Mars Is Retrograde

  1. So…we’ll see your legacy save again? I forget what those characters even look like! I’m really looking forward to whatever you’re working on.

    And Annette!!! Yay for her heading back with the insane Simmies 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Great idea, to switch saves to L’Angers, and what a brilliant idea/crazy scheme to take the insane townies with her. I don’t have a clue about this Mars in Retrograde inside joke, or is it an actual thing that affects EA/Mobile programming? Because that makes just as much sense as some other decisions.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’d been away from my Legacy Game for more than a year and wanted to bring it back into the rotation. The whole Mars retro-grade thing is just cuz Annette’s Insane trait takes a kinda New Age bent. Not saying it’s invalid cuz it’s Insane, mind.

      Liked by 1 person

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