Le Dynastie d’Angers: Chapter 75 – Writers’ Bloc


Olivia Spencer-Kim-Lewis was out foraging early one morning when she looked up and was struck with a mix of wonder and regret.


“That! That could have been mine!” she said as she gazed up at Cypress Terrace, an exact replica of the home she’d known for about a week, on another World. “It was beautiful.


“Maybe Mom and me can restore our household when I get back.” Olivia thought as she continued around the house. “I think there’s even an exact copy in the Local Gallery.


“Well, minus the swimming pool,” she realized, “but that would be easy enough to replace.”

Olivia had come here keep an eye on her father, who came here to be buried in the Saved Game the two of them had made up after Eric Lewis downloaded a pirated copy of The Sims 4.


And she would stay to see her father on his way.


And the Legacy founder she and her father made up could definitely use their help in the meantime.

Le d’Angers had only 50 Simoleons in their household account when Olivia woke up that morning, which is why she spent the morning foraging.


Le d’Angers home was still a modest three-bedroom shack with the bathroom on one end and the kitchen in the back yard. Olivia and her father had been reduced to sleeping in shifts in Rick Bernal’s old bedroom.

“Did you forage enough to buy another single bed?” Eric Lewis asked his daughter as he emerged from their bedroom.


“Yes, but let’s save up against an emergency,” Olivia said. “We need to get money coming in, Dad. We need everyone to get jobs.”

“Katelynn already has a job, and Dimenche has agreed to take a job on the Astronaut Career Track.” Eric said. “I thought we could join the Writing track.”


“What’s funny is the game has already assigned me a job on the Athletic Career Track making 194 Simoleons an hour!” Olivia said. “The rest of you could stay home!”

“Oh, that’s too fakey,” Eric said.


“I know, but it would be nice,” Olivia said. “I guess we’ll just struggle a little longer.”

“At least the bills are low here,” Eric said.

“They’ll be going up again soon,” Olivia said. “Not only do we need another bed, we’re not going to get very far on the Writer Career Track if we don’t get a computer set up.”


We’re going to need another bedroom soon too,” Eric said. “Maybe more.”

“I wish we could talk them out of this,” Olivia said. “Katelynn seems taken with this ‘no-aging-while-pregnant’ feature and Dimenche is determined to have an Insane male spare.”

“He hehe,” Eric laughed. “Don’t blame Dimenche. ‘Patriarchy gender law, traditional bloodline … Make ‘Insane’ the Exemplary Trait for the heir.’ Those where your ideas, honey.”


“Yeah, well; I wanted a challenge, I guess.”

“Yeah, well; you’ve got one.”

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