Le Dynastie d’Angers: Chapter 76 – Namesakes


“Beware, dear sister!” Dimenche II warned when le d’Angers twins got home from school. “I have the distinct impression we were followed!”

“Uh, I was followed. Dimwit. I invited Stephen McKenzie to come over after school,” Annette said, spying her best friend ambling up the sidewalk.


“An excellent idea, Annette; we need to forge good relations with our subjects, as mother and father have done,” Dimenche II began as Annette wandered off to greet Stephen. “Just don’t get too involved; I plan to use you to forge dynastic alliances with Legacy Challenges families on other Worlds.


“Or perhaps I can marry you into one of the pre-made families in this World,” Dimenche II continued, unwittingly satisfying a Talk to Self Whim. “Alexander Goth would be a good match, but the Landgraabs could pay a generous bride price as well.”


“What’s your brother babbling on about?” Stephen asked as he and Annette settled in at the kitchen table.

“Oh, probably his plans to marry me off when he inherits dad’s title,” Annette said.

“But I thought you were firstborn,” Stephen said. “You should be planning to marry-off him.”


“Well, lineage is traditional patriarchy with Insane as Exemplary Trait, so Dim will inherit our, um, shed.”

“Ouch,” Stephen said. “So I guess you’re doomed to become an NPC someday.”


“Doomed? I kinda like the idea,” Annette said. “Don’t you like being an NPC?”

“It’s not too bad,” Stephen said. “I like being a Child, but it’s kinda weird being a Child forever, k’now?”


“You don’t have to be a Child forever,” Annette said. Mom and Dad plan to use the Household Management Interface to selective age-up NPCs as Dad ages up.”

“I wonder if they’d age me up when you turn Teen.” Stephen said. “We could go to high school together!”

“Oh, yeah! I’m going to bring all our friends with us as we grow up,” Annette said. “I figure Dim’ll kick me out about the time he starts Generation Three, so I can stop aging up as a Young Adult.”


That would be sweet,” Stephen said. “This game is more a party simulator than a life simulator this time around; Young Adult is the perfect age to be stuck in.”

“Yeah,” Annette said, yawning. “Or, I don’t know, maybe I upload to a new World. Our steward and his daughter say some of our…  old Townies moved to a rotation Saved Game … and …


“… maybe I can join them suhmm … ZZZ …”

“I guess that’s my cue,” Stephen said. “See you at school Monday.”


Annette slept through her father’s small birthday party that night, and deep into Saturday morning while the rest of the household gathered for breakfast in the back yard, and Bella Goth came jogging by.


She veered right when she saw them and jogged up to reintroduce herself.

“Well, look who’s back in this Saved Game,” Olivia Spencer-Kim-Lewis said when she saw Bella approaching.


“I’m so happy you jogged by, Bella! You’re the first person I’ve seen from home,” Olivia said as Bella circled around her. “How long have you been back?”

“We probably downloaded about a week or so ago,” Bella said. “I don’t know. I’m still shaking off Gallery-lag, I think.”


“I feel it too. Dad and I have only been here about a week, and we left weeks before you did,” Olivia said. “How long were we paused?”

“Paused? Well, probably about four-and-a-half weeks,” Bella said. “Play was supposed to resume here when Annette gets back.”


“Annette? She hasn’t gone anywhere; she’s still in bed,” Olivia said.

“Not that Annette,” Bella said. “Annette Thayer.”

“Annette Thayer is coming back here?” Dimenche asked.


“I assume Annette is here,” Bella said. “You’ve haven’t seen her?”

“No, but we technically don’t know her,” Olivia said. “She was deleted from Katelynn and Dimenche’s relationship panels when she moved to my home World, and she was deleted from mine when I moved here.”

“We usually ran into her at the park,” Dimenche said. “She’s Insane too; she shows up in the evenings to Nap on the benches.”


“Well, we were going to take the twins to the park today anyway,” Olivia said. “Maybe we can just make a day of it.”

“Or maybe we can stop at the library first,” Katelynn said. “I need to play video games for two hours if I’m going to get anywhere as a Tech Guru, and I imagine you and Eric have some pent up Write Whims. I’ll get the twins moving.”


Katelynn was having breakfast with the twins in their bedroom when she went into labor.

“Really?” Katelynn said. “My first day off all week? You couldn’t wait ‘til Monday?”


Katelynn decided not to go to the hospital this time, and gave birth by the bassinet that appeared in the back yard.

“Oh, my! She’s beautiful!” Olivia said. “Do you know what you’ll call her?”


“Well, I named our first girl ‘Annette’ after our best friend in those days,” Katelynn said.

“So this little one will be ‘Olivia’.”

8 thoughts on “Le Dynastie d’Angers: Chapter 76 – Namesakes

  1. Dim’s scheming to himself was quite the fun commentary on legacies; I didn’t escape the scathing since I used the Goths that way… and she voiced my main frustration with Sims 4 — more of a party simulator than life simulator. So true!! It’s great to see the Dynastie d’Angers off of pause. I wondered, why don’t you play with aging on for non active households in the legacy save? Just curious.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I turned aging off early when I learned that the game didn’t cull ghosts who aren’t part of the active household (How dang stupid is that, honestly? The one category of Sims you wouldn’t mind seeing culled are immune without 3rd-party mods!). It’s why early Legacy Players found their Worlds devoid of living Sims, populated almost entirely by ghosts and Townies who would emerge during the day, only to be culled after midnight. MC Command Center has a setting to allow culling inactive ghosts, so I might switch to using that and aging on. Trying to age-up Townies in-game at a retirement center is going to be kinda ponderous.

      In olden times, during TS2, I liked that only the active household aged; it gave me a chance to play households in rotation. Yesterday, while me and my son were looking for my old Call of Cthulhu pen-and-paper stuff, I found all my old TS2 discs. I might try switching back. I think TS4 has the best animations and art of the franchise, but I’m tiring of culling and poorly integrated content, stupid content like cupcake machines and the decision to prioritize FX over deep gameplay. I’m not a casual gamer, TS4 is continuing the morph of The Sims into a causal game.

      Sorry, it’s been kinda a crappy weekend in Sims and RL. lol.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s stupid, not culling inactive ghosts, makes no sense along with everything else. It’s a game for people who want to live in the moment and don’t care to develop long-lasting inter-connections, memories, and a sense of history in the neighborhoods. And I loved that about Sims 2 also, that everyone else’s ages were static while I played in rotation. Well said about the changes towards a casual game. If you break out those old disks (securom?) best of luck with installation. I don’t mind your comments at all and don’t see you needing to apologize, but hope things get better for you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. The RL setback was cuz I didn’t allow enough time and material for a job I hadn’t done before. Just a live-and-learn thing; I’m done being abject about it.

      I’ve read it can be tough running TS2 on Windows 10, unless you install the eight-or whatever disc complete connection. I might try installing it but I’m way ambivalent. I kinda feel the developers and marketers have betrayed me and I feel no loyalty to the game, but I don’t wanna bail on my Sims, y’know?

      Liked by 1 person

    2. “It’s a game for people who want to live in the moment and don’t care to develop long-lasting inter-connections, memories, and a sense of history in the neighborhoods.”

      Exactly. TS2 was the best-selling game of all time in its day. You’d think there’d still be a market for that depth, but maybe not.

      Liked by 1 person

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