Le Dynastie d’Angers: 77 – New Worlds, Old Problems


“So there is a new World here now?” Dimenche d’Angers asked when Katrina Caliente brought him, his steward and eldest children to Von Haunt Estate.

“Two new Worlds, actually,” said Katrina Caliente. “There’s also Newcrest, but it’s uninhabited; it’s just there if you ever run out of lots here and back in Willow Brook and Oasis Springs.”


Two Worlds! This is an unexpected honor, indeed,” Dimenche said. “To be honest, I feared my performance as a Legacy Challenge dynasty founder had been subpar. And yet Pinstar MCLXI has added two Worlds to my duchy; I must be doing better than I realized.”

“Uh, sure,” Katrina said. “So, why don’t you take a look around?”


“We shall! Thank you for your invitation, Madame Caliente,” Dimenche said. Le dame d’Angers wanted me to get the twins out of the house while she got our Baby settled in. I should tour my new holdings, and introduce myself to the peons of Windenburg.

“I wouldn’t address them as ‘peons’,” Katrina said.

“Good point,” Dimenche said, recalling the lukewarm reception he received on awakening in Willow Brook.


The group split up during their visit. Dimenche introduced Dimenche II to the chess while Annette introduced herself to the piano and Eric Lewis wandered the hedge maze.


That evening, they went to Magnolia Blossom Park in Willow Brook. Eric grilled dinner for the twins while Dimenche watched for his old friend Annette Thayer to show up.


They got home after dusk. Katelynn rushed to greet Dimenche in the driveway.

“So! Did you see her? Did you invite her over?”


“No, so no,” Dimenche replied wearily, falling into a Hug interaction. “Maybe you and Olivia can look for her tonight?”

“OK, Olivia wanted to go to the library anyway. She thinks she knows what’s wrong with our mods,”


Our mods,” Dimenche repeated cluelessly.

“Olivia and I had an interesting Chat interaction while you were away,” Katelynn said. “Back on her World, they have been using third-party mods to restrict the growth of the Townie population and eliminate culling. Culling has stopped, but the game has resumed spitting out superfluous Townies.”


Olivia Spencer-Kim-Lewis met up with Katelynn after Dimenche went to bed.

“Do you think we’ll have time to stop at the park after we go to the library?” Katelynn asked.

“I doubt it,” Olivia said, opening her phone.


“I’m not used to working with third-part mods; I need to consult some Read Me files. This could be a while.”

“OK,” Katelynn said. “I need to play video games for work anyway. Just tell me what –“


Katelynn’s statement was cut off by a load screen, and Olivia rushed for one of the open computers when they appeared at The Willow Brook Archives.


“So, what are you looking for?” Katelynn asked as she settled at the back computer table with Olivia.

Fewer Random Townies on Community Lots doesn’t seem to be working any longer,” Olivia said. “It hasn’t been updated since December. We’ve had three different mail carriers this week. The game added a second librarian when we came here.


“So, I’m looking in MC Command Center to see if there’s some way to stop the game from generating all these extra Townies,” Olivia said. “All I can do is put a cap on the maximum number of Townies, but even that will let new Townies get generated if the game is looking for a specific age group or skill set.”


Another trip to the park Sunday evening yielded no sign of Annette Thayer, and the Townie population continued to grow by small increments each morning.

Meanwhile, Olivia grew into a Child, Self-Assured like her father and a Social Butterfly like her sister.

With only two toys and a wall-mounted stereo for diversion, the d’Angers children focused on their schoolwork and their grades steadily improved.


Katelynn did not have enough Aspiration Points for a cup of Youth Potion before her birthday, so Dimenche bought some and placed it in her personal inventory.


“Now we just need to get some Youth Potion for you, dad,” Olivia said to Eric later that day. “Under Legacy Challenge rules, everyone in the household is allowed one age-resetting potion.”

“I won’t be using mine,” Eric said. “I came here for one reason, and I don’t see any reason to put it off.”


“But, Dad, I’m not ready to let you go.”

“And you want be ready a month from now, or the month after that, or ever,” Eric said. “Saying goodbye is never easy.”


With four Sims working, they soon saved enough Simoleons to add a second bathroom. With the money left over, Katelynn bought three support beams and stretched the roof over their outdoor kitchen.


They also needed more seating, so Katelynn also purchased a campfire and a couple benches.

The steady growth of their family and the gradual improvements in their financial situation should have been cause for celebration, but the steady, gradual increase in the local population cast a pall over the household.


“Maybe I should just reinstitute the ban on using community lots,” Dimenche said as he and Katelynn roasted dinner Friday night.

“That will only delay the inevitable,” Katelynn said. “There doesn’t seem to be any rational pattern to Townie generation. A new librarian gets added every time we go to library, but no Sims are added when we go to the park, yet every morning a new postal worker is added to Not In World directory.”


“There are about three dozen households in this Saved Game and we only get mail once a week,” Dimenche said. “How many dang mail carriers do we really need?”

“We’ve spent our whole lives defending the rights of Townies, and now they’re about to bury us mail carriers and librarians.”


“It’s not their fault,” Dimenche said. “Legends speak of a time when the Willwright and his Developers cared about Sims. Even after the Willwright abandoned us Sims for a life of opulent obscurity, Lucy Bradshaw kept the franchise focused on us. After she was kicked to the curb, there is no one at EA who cares about Sims.”


“It’s like we’re living in the end times,” Katelynn said.

“I think the end came long ago,” Dimenche said. “It’s just taken this long to recognize it.”

4 thoughts on “Le Dynastie d’Angers: 77 – New Worlds, Old Problems

  1. Oh, it is so bleak. I am torn– I love the satire but the outlook is getting to me because it is true. I am not ready to stop playing in spite of major disappointments, and I tried going back to Sims 2 but the animations drove me nuts. I’m just using my imagination a little more, and deleting townies periodically, to cope right now.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Gawd, I’m such a downer! Thanks for the tip about trying to replay TS2. I’ve been watching trailers and stuff to see if I can bear the outdated graphics and animations and imagine my reaction would be the same. The more I think about TS4 and all EA’s pronouncements about trying to be more player-focused and available on multiple platforms, , though, the less hope I have for this and future installments. So my TS4 Sims have to figure out how to live in a world were their Creator has abandoned them and their Developers are indifferent to them, at best, if they ever existed at all. Kinda like the Cthulhu Mythos, or, well, RL. lol.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Man, ain’t this the way? Dimanche is aging, seeing that all he aspired to may not be possible given the state of the world, and settling into a kind of ho-hummy middle age existence. I feel ya, dude.

    Liked by 1 person

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