Le Dynastie d’Angers: 83 – WWAD?


Still wearing her default off-duty maid Everyday Outfit, Annette Thayer twirled a lock of hair around one finger as she studied herself in the mirror, happy to be in her home world, and a member of the only active household in that World.


“Not just fully autonomous, but able to queue interactions, plan my future,” she said to her reflection. “I guess I can’t be a maid any longer. What do I want to be?”


She spun into her current work uniform.

“The game has assigned me a job as a mixologist, maybe I’ll stay on the Culinary Career Track. Maybe someday we can open our own restaurant!” she thought.


She spun into her Formal outfit.

“Or maybe I’ll join EA/Mobile Customer Secret Service, become a glamorous spy like Bella Goth,” she said.


She spun into her Part outfit.

“Or maybe I’ll become a DJ, help Sims forget their troubles and dance.”


As she was musing to music, the wall speaker cut out and started spewing sparks.


She spun back into her off-duty maid outfit and took out her screwdriver.

“Or … maybe not.”


Olivia Spencer-Kim-Lewis had been watching Annette flirting with herself in the mirror and fussing about the outdoor kitchen.

“You are wearing me out just watching you,” she said as Annette approached to clear the dishes.


“I’m sorry; I’m just too excited see Dimenche and Katelynn again,” Annette said. “I just want everything perfect when they get home from work.”

“The kids will be home from school soon too,” Olivia said.


“Oh, I know. I’m a little nervous about that,” Annette said.

“Why? You’ll get along fine!” Olivia said. “The girls are delightful, and you and Dimenche II have a lot in common.”


Annette came over and sat down.

“That’s kind of why I’m nervous,” she said. “When I was a Townie, and later when I was working with your father, it was easy to think of all Sims as my family. But now, living in an actual family, I’m just worried.”


Olivia scooted around closer.

“Worried?” Olivia asked. “Worried that your Family Aspiration will kick in?”


“How would that even work?” Annette asked. “Are household stewards even allowed to have children of their own under Legacy Challenge rules?”

“I … don’t see why not, but I don’t know for sure,” Olivia said. “If you’d like, I could petition Pinstar MCLXI and Imagining Mystic for a ruling.”

“Allow me to do it,” Dimenche II asked as he joined his stewards at the table.


“That is a good idea,” Olivia said. “You should Get To Know your liege lords.”

“So what are we petitioning for?” Dim asked.

Annette held up her hand for silence.


“So this is Dimenche’s son?”  she asked.

“Yes, madam, but I don’t have the pleasure of your acquaintance,” Dim said.

“This is Annette Thayer, she was your parents’ best fr –“ Olivia started to say.

“No further introduction is necessary!” Dim said. “Mother and Father talk about Annette all the time.”


“So they haven’t forgotten me?” Annette asked.

“Of course not!” Olivia said. “When they needed a new steward, you were the first Sim Dimenche thought of.”

“Whenever Father has an important decision to make, he always asks himself: What would Annette do?” Dim said.


“He does?”

“Yes,” Dim said. “He always says you were the first Sim who was kind to him when he got to this World. He greatly values your counsel.”

“Then you won’t mind if I give you some advice?” Annette asked, a stern look crossing over her face.


“Of … of course not,” Dim said uneasily. “Have I given offense?”

“We can discuss it later,” Annette said. “You have friends coming over after school?”

“I was going to ask Olivia if that was alright,” Dim said.

“Of course,” Olivia said.


“And I have someone else I need to see,” Annette said, rising from the table.

Dim rose to see her off.

“I look forward to our discussion, mademoiselle,” he said.


Annette wandered to the back of the lot.

“Oh, Eric,” she said.  “I just missed you.


“Why were you in such a hurry?”


“And what am I going to do about that boy?”


“What makes you think you need to do anything about that boy?” a familiar voice behind her said.



“Follow me,” the late Eric Lewis said, turning and stalking toward the kitchen table, “and bring Olivia with you.”


Olivia joined the conversation while it was well underway.

“I understand your concerns, but he has to work this out, or fail in the effort,” Eric said. “If you push him at this stage, he’ll just rebel.”

“But his father – “


“His father turned to you,” Eric interrupted. “He was confused about being here; he sought your counsel. Dim feels entitled to be here; he doesn’t think he needs anyone’s counsel.”

“But he’s wrong,” Annette said.

“Maybe so, but, he has to figure that out,” Eric said.


“Oh, I suppose you’re right,” Annette said, and Eric’s tone changed from Angry to Uncomfortable.

“Of course I am.”


Annette started giggling uncontrollably and Eric’s change of tone, from Uncomfortable orange to Embarrassed orange was so subtle only she noticed it.

“What’s so dang funny?” he asked.


“Oh, Eric, death hasn’t changed you at all,” Annette said. “If anything, it’s only made you more transparent.”

“If been in the ground one day, and already with the ghost jokes?”


“Too soon?”

“Oh, shut up.”


“Am I going to have to separate you two?” Olivia asked. “We have company.”

“Oh, I’ll behave,” Annette said. “I promise.”

“I’m just an NPC; I can’t promise anything,” Eric said.

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