5 thoughts on “Every Day It’s Squirrel-On-A-Stick

  1. Dude! That’s flippin’ cool. So roomy and clean! 😀 I still haven’t been brave enough to attempt it. (As a side comment, I was hoping we could somehow get all that power equipment working so we wouldn’t have to seed the place with generators, but at least there’s some light in those prebuilt areas, I guess!)

    P.S. Totally impressed at the sciencey crap in your infirmary. And you have plenty booze – but where’s the pantry filled with coffee cans and sugar bombs? 😉

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    1. Yeah, the prebuilt areas are all lit up and that generator gives you 150 wattevers of power so you don’t need generators, just those Vault wall conduits to radiate power around (and you can run wires to them for turrets and appliances and stuff.

      PS. I horde coffee tins too. They’re just kinda scattered everywhere. Those and cartons of cigarettes and surgical trays (I guess cuz they’re shiny, *snort*)

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      1. oh. lol. You didn’t have to confess! 🙂 Still, I should’ve thought of it. I placed something or other that normally picks up juice on proximity without conduit & it didn’t light, so I just assumed it was a half-assed for-show generator once the quest was over. I’m happy to be wrong. 🙂


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