9 thoughts on “Fallout 4: Back to Work

  1. That’s neat about the Greygarden vista – I didn’t know! re: Sommerville, yeah, my vote’s for scrap (to get your “size” rating back to a good starting point) and redo. It’d be fun to old-west it a little, since it’s so open.

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      1. Lol! After making Strong carry umpteen Giddyup Buttercups out of the toy factory, I had reason to go back and found the dang things had respawned! Did I leave the new ones behind? Of course not! I have them stuffed in workshops all over the Commonwealth, yea, though I have reason to believe my hording affliction is reducing the buildable size of my settlements! What’s wrong with me!?! My settlements all look like my garage! Crammed full of deteriorating junk I will never use!

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    1. There is a mod that totally removes the cap and one that triples it. I’ll probably go with the latter if I do that just cuz I want some discipline, and I imagine lag would get really bad if I go nuts. But I really want to try to work within the default size limit at first.

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